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Aputure Lantern

Ideal for soft ambient illumination, or to give a warm glow, this Lantern softbox from Aputure has a 2.2′ diameter and the same omni-directional quality of light as a china ball but with a more durable design. It also come with a skirt set to control the 270° beam spread and a Bowens mount that fits our Aputure fixtures like the 300D,300X,600D,600X,&600C



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Package Includes:

⭐ Lantern
⭐ skirt
⭐ case

Product Highlights

⭐ Bowens Mount
⭐ Comes w/ Skirt to Control Light Radius
⭐ effortless set up
⭐ 270° Beam Spread
⭐ Absorbs 1 Stop
⭐ compatible