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Leitz Summicron C Kit – 7 lenses

The K-35 lenses were manufactured by Canon during the 1970’s and 80’s and won an Academy Award in 1976. These lenses were used on many large sets such as “Aliens” (1986) and “American Hustle” (2013). The high-speed optical design of the K-35 series is a perfect example of Canon’s optical expertise and fine lens design. The K-35 lens is slightly softer and has less contrast compared to modern lenses. But is sharper and provides more contrast than other vintage lenses.

These lenses all completely cover the dragon and 36x24mm (full frame). These lenses have gorgeous purple/orange flares and excellent corner to corner sharpness. they cover full frame 36mmx24mm



  • focal length: 18/21/25/35/50/75/100
  • speed: T2
  • mount: PL
  • front diameter: 95mm
  • weight: 2.9lbs
  • min focus: 12
  • class: A
  • color match lenses: Leica Lenses
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⭐ 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
⭐ Price per lens: $200.00

Product Highlights

Optical Design
The lenses cover an image circle greater than 34mm in diameter, allows you to use the lenses with Super35 sensors and greater – including the RED Epic Dragon sensor in 6K mode.
Focus Scales
Large, clear numerals on both sides of the focus barrel benefit allow you to pull focus from either side of the lens, without having to remount the lens on the camera.
An eight-blade iris provides an octagonal shape at any stop above wide open – T2.0.
Weight/Size Ratio
These lenses are designed for all shooting applications, including handheld and Steadicam, providing a comfortable balance ratio with the latest compact cameras.
Gear Position
All six lenses share the same size and front barrel diameter, and position of focus and iris gears, speeding lens changes as lens accessories don’t have to be repositioned when you change lenses.