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Kowa Anamorphic 2x – Set of 3

Japanese Anamorphic lenses from the 60’s. These lenses have similar coatings as the spherical Kowa Cine Prominars. Low in contrast and warm in color, they can be made to flare easily. The flare is warm in color rather than the standard blue anamorphic flare. They are small in size and work well for handheld or steadi-cam.



  • focal length: 40 / 50 / 75mm
  • speed: T2.3
  • mount: PL
  • front diameter: 80mm
  • weight: Varies
  • min focus: Varies
  • class: A
  • element: Varies
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⭐ 40mm T2.3
⭐ 50mm T2.3
⭐ 75mm T2.3

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