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Red V Raptor 8K Large Format

Compact, fast, and full-frame—the V-RAPTOR 8K VV + 6K S35 Dual-Format Camera is RED DIGITAL CINEMA’s impressive introduction to their new DSMC3 platform. Sized only slightly larger than the KOMODO but boasting a new sensor, the V-RAPTOR offers multi-format capture in 8K VistaVision, 6K Super35, 4K, 3K Super16, and anamorphic options.



  • resolution: 8K
  • codec: REDCODE RAW
  • maximum frame rate: 600fps
  • mount: RF / PL / LPL / EF
  • battery type: Micro V mount
  • media: RED CF Express
  • sensor: Large Format
  • manufacturer: RED Digital Camera
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RED V RAPTOR 8K Large Format Cinema Camera


⭐ 6x 140WH Micro Battery
⭐ 3x 660GB Card
⭐ AC
⭐ Card Reader
⭐ Dual Charger
⭐ RF to PL (We also have LPL and EF available)
⭐ Camera Cage – COMING SOON***

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