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O’Connor 2575 Head and Tripod

The Ultimate 2575 Head & Cine HD Mitchell Top Plate Tripod System from OConnor includes the Ultimate 2575 fluid head package, Cine HD single-stage tripod system with Mitchell top plate, and a floor spreader. The fluid head is capable of supporting camera payloads up to 133 lb at a 4″ center of gravity above the platform, and it offers a ±90° tilt range. The fluid head package comes with a 12″ pan handle with 30° bend and a 11.5″ pan handle extension. It also comes packaged with both a Mitchell base and a 150mm ball base adapters with tie-downs for expanded tripod compatibility.

The aluminum Cine HD tripod on its own can support payloads up to 309 lb and offers height adjustment from 33.6 to 69.2″. The floor spreader enhances the stability of the tripod with heavy loads, and provides protection for delicate floor surfaces.



  • weight: 29.3 lbs / 13.3 kg
  • other: up to 90 lbs
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Product Highlights

⭐ Mitchell Mount
⭐ Supports up to 90 lbs
⭐ Standard / baby Sticks
⭐ Offers a +\-90 degree tilt range
⭐ Sliding balance plate
⭐ 90lbs/40.8kgs load capacity
*High / low hat available upon request*