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Freely Movi Pro

Get up and ready to shoot smooth handheld footage with FREEFLY’s MōVI Pro Handheld Bundle. Consisting of the MōVI Pro motorized gimbal stabilizer, MōVI Ring Pro handle, and the MIMIC controller, this kit can perform in either single or dual-operator configurations.

The MōVI Pro motorized gimbal stabilizer steadies cameras weighing up to 15 pounds, rendering it compatible with mirrorless cameras all the way up to smaller cinema cameras. With the included batteries, the camera and essential accessories can be powered without adding any bulk to the MōVI Pro.

By offering a unified design, the MōVI Ring Pro lets the camera operator grip the attached MōVI Pro from nearly any angle. Since the design also goes above and below the stabilizer itself, high and low shots are easily accomplished with minimal stretching on the part of the camera operator.

For dual-operator configurations, the MIMIC syncs with the MōVI Pro, allowing one operator to control the camera movements while a second operator moves the camera rig. The MIMIC has Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz radios built-in for device and accessory communication. Additional control can be achieved with the included Bush Pilot Auxiliary Control Knob. When connected to the MIMIC, the Bush Pilot can actuate focus, zoom, or iris, depending on how you have it set up.



  • weight: 5.8 lbs / 2.7 kg
  • max payload: 15 lb / 6.8 kg
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Package Includes:

⭐ Movi Pro Gimbal
⭐ Movi Ring
⭐ Movi Handle Bars
⭐ 6 x Movi Battery
⭐ 3 x Chargers w/ pong cable
⭐ 2 x Movi tools
⭐ Mimmic
⭐ USB-C to Mini USB
⭐ Top plate
⭐ Quick release plate
⭐ 2x 1/4-20 Screws
⭐ 2x 3/8 -16 Screws
⭐ 1/4 -3/8 Screw
⭐ 1/4 – 1/4 Screw
⭐ Accessory Adapter

Product Highlights

⭐ 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer
⭐ For Cameras & Rigs up to 15 lb
⭐ Keeps Horizon Level & Counteracts Drift
⭐ MōVI Ring Pro Handle
⭐ 360° Handling Possibilities
⭐ MIMIC Remote Control with Bush Pilot
⭐ Includes 2 x Pro Batteries
⭐ Batteries Power Stabilizer & Camera