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Shape Shoulder Rig V2

Amber from Lazy BearIncluded in this kit are the Double Quick Handle Rosettes, featuring two handles that can rotate individually on a 360° axis and a quick-lock button technology. The handles and arms are rotated by pushing the red buttons–once the buttons are released, the handles are secured firmly in place. A stainless-steel locking mechanism is used for greater durability. Providing a very solid grip, the Double Quick Handle Rosette fits perfectly on the BP7000 baseplate.



  • manufacturer: Shape
  • weight: 2.9 lbs
  • other: This shoulder rig includes two shape telescopic handles
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Product Highlights

⭐ Sturdy, Lightweight Pro Camera Support
⭐ Designed for ARRI Standard Cameras
⭐ For C300, RED, F3, EX1, AF100/101, etc.
⭐ Compatible with All 15mm Rod Systems
⭐ Double Quick Handle Rosette
⭐ Length-Adjustable Rods
⭐ Height-Adjustable Sliding Rod Bloc
⭐ V-Lock Delta Adapter–Baseplate Bottom
⭐ Panasonic Type QR Tripod Adapter
⭐ Made of Solid Anodized Aluminum