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Shape Shoulder Rig V1

Made of solid anodized aluminum, the BP7000 is a perfect fit for Panasonic and Sony camera plates with its V-lock delta adapter at the bottom. Its improved design provides 3 slots on top of the plate for the user to work either in a centered or offset position (15mm studio). It should be used with cameras with an electronic viewfinder or external monitor. The base plate also offers 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes at the back to attach accessories. The front bracket now allows the user to adjust the height quickly with an Allen key. Attach the included Panasonic type QR Tripod adapter to your tripod, then use the QR system for fast changes from hand-held to tripod mounted shooting. Included in this kit are the Double Quick Handle Rosettes, featuring two handles that can rotate individually on a 360° axis and a quick-lock button technology. The handles and arms are rotated by pushing the red buttons-once the buttons are released, the handles are secured firmly in place. A stainless-steel locking mechanism is used for greater durability. Providing a very solid grip, the Double Quick Handle Rosette fits perfectly on the BP7000 baseplate.



  • manufacturer: Shape
  • weight: 2.65 lbs
  • other: This shoulder rig includes two shape telescopic handles
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Product Highlights

⭐ Sturdy, Lightweight Pro Camera Support
⭐ Designed for ARRI Standard Cameras
⭐ For C300, RED, F3, EX1, AF100/101, etc.
⭐ Compatible with All 15mm Rod Systems
⭐ Double Quick Handle Rosette
⭐ Length-Adjustable Rods
⭐ Height-Adjustable Sliding Rod Bloc
⭐ V-Lock Delta Adapter–Baseplate Bottom
⭐ Panasonic Type QR Tripod Adapter
⭐ Made of Solid Anodized Aluminum