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Arri Hi-5 Wireless Follow Focus

The Hi-5 Hand Unit Basic Set from ARRI offers advanced wireless multi-axis camera and lens control via a large knob, instant reconnection, a high-contrast touchscreen LCD, powerful signal, and a modular, highly customizable design. Included with the set are the Hi-5 body, a Bluetooth dongle, a Smart focus ring, the RF-EMIP Radio Module 2400 MHz DSSS, two LBP-3500 battery packs, an LBP battery charger, a hand strap, a neck strap, and a screen protector.



  • manufacturer: Arri
  • weight: 1.8lbs
  • other: Waterproof
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⭐ Cforce Mini Motor
⭐ RF- Radio Module 2400 MHz DSSS
⭐ Smart Focus Ring Kit
⭐ 3x Batteries
⭐ Charger
⭐ Monitor Bracket
⭐ Handle Extension
⭐ Foama Case ( Carry on)

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