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Chrosziel Studio Follow Focus

The StudioRig Cine Single Follow Focus with 0.8 Pitch Lens Gear from Chrosziel is a follow focus for use with 15mm rod support systems. Thanks to the fluid damping module, gear units, and bearings with low tolerance, the system offers smooth and precise focus moves and is capable of play and jerk-free focus even for permanent direction changes.

Film lenses, prime lenses, and “cine style” lenses typically have increased focus throw, which is the degree of focus-ring rotation from minimum focus to infinity. This “cine” version of the StudioRig translates the rotation on the hand wheel to roughly equal one full rotation of cine lenses.

The StudioRig follow focus comes with a hand wheel with fluid damper, scale ring, focus lever/speed crank, and clamping unit for 15mm rods. A standard 0.8 pitch lens gear with 44 teeth and a 36.8mm diameter is also included.



  • manufacturer: Chrosziel
  • weight: 1.6 lbs / 0.70 kg
  • other: 15mm
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⭐ 1x 15mm LW Bridge
⭐ 1x Left Knob
⭐ 1x Right Knob
⭐ 1x Whip
⭐ 1x Crank
⭐ 1x 0.8mm Gear
⭐ 2x Discs

Product Highlights

⭐ For Professional Cinema Rigs
⭐ Large Knurled Metal Hand Wheel
⭐ Adjustable Swing-Arm Drive
⭐ Quick Release 15mm LWS Rod Clamp
⭐ Removable Marking Disk